Lyndon and Karen

“Karen and I had a 35 day holiday planned. One of the hardest decisions was what was the best options for our two dogs and three horses whilst we were away.

We discussed this with a few people, options like, dog kennels and agistment for the horses. We knew Craig was returning to Tasmania and was setting up a house and house / pet sitting business. It was a no brainer. The dogs would be happy at home and the horses would stay in familiar paddocks.

Craig came down a few days before we left to get to know the animals. Attention to the habits, feeding, routines and where they are allowed to be or not to be. You know how some dogs stretch the boundaries. We had enough food supplies for the dogs and horses, rations were written down so no “more please” would occur. Information provided to Craig included our vets and contacts, horse friends who could check on the horses occasionally or if Craig had a concern. We also left clear instructions with the vet so Craig did not have to make any major decisions.

Walking of the dogs in familiar territory was to be on leash till it could be seen that no other dogs were around. Then they were allowed to run free for a time. For practical purposes the horses were not rugged, if the weather turned real bad Craig could call a horsey friend to assist with rugs if needed. Feeding of hay and regular checking water troughs was done. Craig delivered us to the airport and collected us on return.

Household care included mowing the lawns, garbage, picking up dog land mines and mail collection. We came home to a clean house, the fire box filled and ready to light up, very contented dogs, and happy horses. Karen, I, the dogs and horses could not be happier with the care Craig gave. A great holiday had for all.”

Lyndon and Karen
Craig Hedge is a professional house and pet sitter
He lives in Hobart Tasmania Australia
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