Austin and Alex

“Our family recently took a three week holiday and were lucky enough to have Craig house sit for us. Craig met with us well before our trip, and again shortly before we left to ensure he understood what we wanted him to do, how things worked, etc.

There was excellent communication from Craig while we were away with a weekly update to let us know the house was fine and the dogs were well and happy. One of the dogs is a persistent barker and Craig managed his barking during sensitive times of day for our neighbours.

When we arrived home we were very pleased to find happy dogs, a lovely clean house, a tidy yard with a freshly mowed lawn. All rubbish was removed and linens used were laundered and dry.

We were very happy with how Craig cared for our home and our pets. We also found his fee very reasonable. I would certainly use Craig again and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a house sitter.”

– Austin and Alex Jordan – Moonah Tasmania


Craig Hedge is a professional life coach, house and pet sitter, and is author and narrator of the Instinctive Living eBook and audiobook series.
He lives in Tasmania.
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