House Sitting And The Sharing Economy Outsourcing Opportunities That Go With It

Life and lifestyles are changing rapidly as people are finding new ways to live and work in what is increasingly becoming a much smaller and a more connected world. People are quickly learning that a whole new world is opening up in relation to outsourcing work or tasks, that not that long ago, would not have been considered as outsourcing opportunities.  Whilst certainly not a new concept, house sitting is certainly one of those areas that has, and is, evolving in this new world sharing economy.

The internet has dramatically changed our lives – over the last twenty years inparticular. Many traditional existing bricks and mortar businesses have made the transition to online business.

House sitting as an example, is one of those areas that has grown exponentially because of the internet. Now there are numerous membership websites, social media platforms, and advertising platforms that have replaced the traditional word of mouth or advertisement in a local newspaper.

Outsourcing has become a global online phenomenon – and it is growing. For as little as $5.00, you can go to sites like and get people to do just about anything for you anywhere in the world. Uber has revolutionised the way people go about travel and the way they view car ownership. Netflix means your movies are now downloadable and available online – no more need for the local video/dvd shop. Major supermarket chains now offer online grocery shopping and delivery. We do our banking online. And on it goes.

Lets get back to house sitting and outsourcing. Many householders simply require a person to be on the premises to maintain a presence to watch over the property. Others require their pets to be looked after as well as their property. Rather than outsourcing to the local kennel (and most pet owners know how expensive that can be – let alone how stressful it can be for your pet/s), they choose to let a pet sitter do that. That person can also exercise and walk your dog/s.

Taking it a step or two further, some householders might require additional tasks to be done. For example, the property may need gardening and general maintenance. They may do it themselves, or they may regularly outsource this to a professional gardener. Then there is the professional cleaner that may visit once a week – another job that is outsourced. Perhaps there are other tasks that need doing? These can be anything, and are only limited by your imagination.

My advice is to start thinking about how you can outsource what it is you do in your life. Some people run businesses and may need simple or basic help with that. This could be as simple as updating social media or keeping a little home business ticking over by posting out a few envelopes, or picking up a few things from the loTeds woodworkingcal post office. Keep open to this new economy and start looking for the opportunities that outsourcing can provide for you.

A competent house sitter may very well be able to do all of the above, particularly in a longer term house sitting situation. This is why it is important to find the right person to look after your home. As mentioned in earlier articles, there are any number of ways you can go about finding the right pet sitter or house sitter for your home. The right person can not only be a valuable asset to your home and business, they can also become a trusted go to person and a good friend. A good local pet sitter can be a regular go-to person for you.

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