When it comes to trusting someone to come into your home and look after your pets, and your assets, it is important to ensure that the person you choose is indeed worthy of that trust and capable of that responsibility.

How do you really know you can trust someone, and how might they be able to genuinely demonstrate that they are indeed trustworthy, reliable, and dependable?SDC17745

One of the most effective ways is to look for demonstrated results and evidence to support your house sitters experience. (This QLD Government article discusses statistics around online reviews).

The testimonials and references I provide on this website clearly demonstrate not only my experience in house sitting, but also my experience working and travelling throughout Tasmania and the UK, and also from my coaching clients.

It is this cross section of references (located on the drop down menus beneath the ‘Testimonials’ tab) that should give you the home owner/householder, a very good idea about not only the person I am, but how I work with and for other people. They should also be a very good guide regarding my personal values and attributes.

Importantly, all testimonials and references presented here are from real people and from actual work situations – people I worked with.

I have a working background in risk management and assessment, I know the importance in minimising risk and maximising opportunity. Get the right person to look after your property and pets – the first time. Don’t second guess your house sitter.sdc18593

The old adage that states; “paying peanuts generally results in acquiring monkeys” is so pertinent to house and pet sitting.

From a risk perspective, it amazes me that too many home owners often enlist someone – a relative stranger – to look after everything they value, and all they own. Often these people have little or no experience, credibility, minimal proven/demonstrated results, or evidence suggesting they are capable or responsible enough to do it.

Personally, I don’t like the odds or the risk profile in the above situation/s.

Doing your due diligence is time well spent.

My service is professional. It is proven and time tested.[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • What is that experience and peace of mind worth to/for you?
  • What are you prepared to lose if you make the wrong call on a house sitter, or a person entrusted to look after your pets?
  • What is your risk threshold here?[/red_arrow_list]

My service makes leaving home much easier for you. Your pets will love me, and I will look after your house like it was my own.

To further reduce the risk for you, and to increase your peace of mind with your decision to enlist me to house sit for you, my service is guaranteed.

What does that mean?[guarantee_box_1 title=”My House Sitting Guarantee”]“If you are not happy with my stay then don’t pay me!”[/guarantee_box_1]