Genevieve Koning Thermomix Consultant Hobart Tasmania

“Craig looked after my house for 2 weeks whilst I went overseas, mainly to look after my cat, but the stay had so many more benefits that I hadn’t thought of.  It was a great comfort to know that she was looked after and happy. Craig sent regular updates as to how she was, including getting her food when it ran out.

I am a Thermomix consultant and had Thermomixes due to arrive at my house for customers whilst I was away. Craig gladly offered to pick them up from the post office and transport them home for me. It was great to have peace of mind that they were safe, as this enabled me to plan deliveries whilst I was away, and hit the ground running on my return.

He lived very gently in my home, and ensured that rubbish was put out, mail collected, and many other little things that made a BIG difference coming home after holidays. Craig also washed his linen, including folding mine that I’d left hanging up.  My house was clean when I arrived home.

I would highly recommend Craig and his services to anyone going away, regardless of whether there is a pet needing caring for, or the value of knowing your home is safe. Coming home to peace and calm is priceless – and animals are likely to be much happier in their own environment rather than a kennel (which can be quite expensive). So a win win situation for all and incredibly trustworthy and respectful of my home (and I am picky!).”

Craig Hedge is a professional life coach, house and pet sitter, and is author and narrator of the Instinctive Living eBook and audiobook series.
He lives in Tasmania.
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