Eve And Gustavo Craigs House Sitting And Pet Sitting Review Hobart Tasmania

“The saying “if you want a thing done well, do it yourself” is almost true, unless you ask Craig to do the thing, in which case it will probably be done better.

We have been fortunate enough to have Craig house and dog sit for us on two occasions now and there are many reasons why Craig is our one and only choice to look after our home and our dog when we go away.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s how he cares for our dog Nyla: a very clingy, needy, full of energy Hungarian Vizsla who requires daily one hour walks, special meals and constant attention. Now if Nyla could talk she would certainly say that aside from us (of course) Craig is her favorite person. Finding someone like Craig who looks after Nyla with as much care as we do is invaluable.

Craig does so much more than tick jobs off a checklist, he made sure Nyla was active – he walked her, played ball with her, got her to swim, made sure she was eating properly (this included coaxing her to eat her vegetables), and ensured she was warm during our cold Tasmanian winter. This all meant we came home to a happy, healthy and relaxed dog who looked like she’d had a better holiday than we did. 

The other great thing about Craig is he is a very clear communicator. From the initial point of contact to the day of departure, Craig was always very easy and straightforward to deal with. While we were away Craig provided us with weekly Nyla updates (including photos), as well as updated us as to which deliveries had been received for our business. He even went to the post office to sign and collect deliveries when required.

Craig is an extremely mindful home sitter – I say ‘home’ sitter rather than ‘house’ sitter because Craig is really aware that he is looking after a home. He made sure our home was in immaculate condition upon our arrival, it was warm (he had lit a fire!!), Nyla was cozy, there was milk in the fridge, there were fresh sheets on the bed and it was clean. After a long drive and even longer flight home it was just bliss to be able to relax.

Having the ability to go on holiday, and to switch off, and to know that Craig has everything under control is quite literally the best thing ever. We cannot recommend Craig highly enough, if you are on the hunt for a ‘home’ and dog sitter who is trustworthy, respectful, mindful and capable then Craig is the one – he is a rare find.”

Eve and Gustavo – Bicheno Tasmania

Craig Hedge is a professional life coach, house and pet sitter, and is author and narrator of the Instinctive Living eBook and audiobook series.
He lives in Tasmania.
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